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Elevate is a crème created specifically for the tissues and structures of the neck and décolleté. It contains revitalising bioadaptable™ ingredients that create a tightening thermogenic effect when applied to the skin. Thermogenesis describes metabolic processes in the upper epidermis and lower subcutaneous tissue that produce heat. Elevate works by dilating micro capillaries and activating glycolipids and phospholipids to tone underlying muscles and contour the skin. It also increases collagen production, improves firmness and elasticity, stimulates muscle tightening, provides essential skin nutrients, increases skin density, increases microcirculation, and promotes hydration balance in the tissue.

How to apply: After cleansing and applying FirMatrix, work in a pea-size amount of Elevate with Wetter Than Water to the neck and décolleté area.

In order to purchase DMK skincare you will be required to have a skin assessment with one of our paramedical skin therapists.

If you have had your skin assessment and would like access to our online ordering portal please contact the clinic on 099889804 or email to be set up

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