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The third step in the Enbioment range is the milky serum to assist in promoting biodiversity within the skin’s microbiome. The inclusion of bacillus coagulans, which produce lactic acid, helps boost the immune system and discourage bad bacteria. Perfect for anyone suffering from reactive, red and inflamed skin conditions.

How to Apply: After cleansing with Enbioment Cleanser and spritzing with a thin layer of Enbioment Mist, apply a few pumps of Enbioment Serum and work into the affected area. Allow the product to soak into the skin for a minute before applying Home Prescriptives.

In order to purchase DMK skincare you will be required to have a skin assessment with one of our paramedical skin therapists.

If you have had your skin assessment and would like access to our online ordering portal please contact the clinic on 099889804 or email to be set up

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